Friday, September 10, 2010

Midnight Garage in Rm 108

First of all I have to thank Bagel for swapping his ground level room with Karen S and me. By the time we got to the hotel after 11pm, allthe ground level rooms were gone. Five hours working in a gravel pull off, replacing my top end sort of put the damper on the thought of working in the parking lot.

Not five minutes down the road, it sputtered and backfired. The plug cap and wire had given up the ghost. It's now resting peacefully in a ditch on the outskirts of Hope. The next leg I was way too rich to pull up hills. Downjetted and raised the needle one clip, at the next fuel stop. I might have soft seized when I went on reserve the next time. I'll never know, cause I have no intention of pulling this top end off again. It has a respectable 115 psi cold. Not as good as the 140 I had on the 175.

Finally got to the hotel, thanks to Karen S staying just behind me on her GTS. I could not see much with my headlights, there are no reflective bits on these roads. Sean, a swell local scooterist, and a Lambretta guy to boot was waiting for me. The bushings on my my dampeners slipped right out because the washer was too small. Sean helped me with that as well as replacing several other bits that have gone missing. Thank you so much.

Tomorrow has to be better. Karen S stayed with me all day today, and I'm sure she got some hilarious pics of me standing on my head. Check out her blog (link on right).


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